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9/9/13:  We have tons of upcoming events!! To see them all, please visit our “Art Marathon Events” page!  In short, Taylor will be traveling to Capitol Hill next week to meet with Massachusetts State Senator Elizabeth Warren and her office to discuss the future of Still Running, and there will be Art Marathon events happening every weekend from 9/20 through 10/6! Head over to the Art Marathon Events page to check it all out!

6/11/13:  We are working on planning our next event for July! Official details to come soon! In the meantime, check out the pictures from our first event here.  It was a great success and we want to sincerely thank everyone who came out and made the day so special.

5/3/13: We have planned our first official Art Marathon event!  Please join us on Saturday, May 25 at the 808 Gallery (808 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA) for our first official Art Marathon event as a part of Still Running: An Art Marathon for Boston.  Free and open to the public!  Art materials provided by our kind sponsor, The Strathmore Paper Company.  All are welcome.  We hope to see you there!

RSVP to our event on Facebook here! Invite your friends!

And, we have finally secured some funding!  Still Running: An Art Marathon for Boston is funded in part by a grant from the Boston University Arts Initiative – Office of the Provost (www.bu.edu/arts). Thank you!

4/29/13:  Due to various road blocks that have come up in planning our first ever, upcoming Art Marathon as a part of Still Running, we have been forced to push our tentative date back to Saturday, May 25.  Details to follow as soon as we confirm the location.  In happier news, The Strathmore paper company has officially make a donation of $1,700 worth of paper for the event.

4/24/13: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: For the sake of better organization, we now have 3 email addresses affiliated with this project.  Each address now has a specific purpose: 

Please send all submissions of artwork to bostonartsubmissions@gmail.com.

Please forward all copies digital donation receipts to bamreceipts@gmail.com.

Please continue to direct all general questions and all other inquiries to bostonartsmarathon@gmail.com.

4/23/13: ATTENTION: Important Project Updates have been posted to the entire site, you might have noticed its improved level of organization! Special thanks to Sophia Richardson for all of her help with this!

4/22/13:  We have continued to receive an outpour of responses and support from the local community and are now receiving submissions from people locally and in other parts of the country.  As of today we are officially being promoted by The Boston University School of Visual Arts on all of their media outlets, helping us reach an even larger audience!  We have successfully had new communications with Bunker Hill Community College and School of the Museum of Fine Arts.  Additionally, we have a short statement pending to be published with The Patriot Ledger as well as a pending submission to BU Today. We have also contacted The Boston Herald and The Boston Globe.  Lastly, we will be establishing a projected timeline of events and tenative budget shortly.  We will be looking for corporate sponsors to help fund the event.  If there is anyone you can put us in touch with who would like to make a contribution please send us an email at bostonartsmarathon@gmail.com. Thanks! More updates to come!

4/21/13:  The response from the different people and communities we have heard back from has been phenomenal so far.  As of tonight, we have successfully had correspondence with people from Boston University, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, The North River Arts Society, The 4th Floor Artists community, and a growing number of independent local artists! There are still several communities and institutions we are waiting to hear back from and I hope they will be in touch soon!  Luca, myself, and representatives from several of the above communities will be meeting tomorrow night to get on the same page and move our project forward.  I look forward to sharing even more progress with you soon!  Thank you for your continued support.  -Taylor

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  1. I am really happy the artists can contribute to supporting the disaster that occurred last year. Every year, financially supporting the victim would be advisable.
    Marching onward with the grace of God,


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