How to kill bed bugs

If you are reading this article then it’s pretty obvious that you’re wondering how to kill bed bugs and stop the infestation. It can be a really unpleasant experience to wake up to a nasty bite in the morning or wonder who’s next if you’re a real Bed Bug Hunter. Unfortunately bed bug infestations are on the rise these days, so it’s not hard to imagine how hard it can be to effectively eradicate them. But let’s firstly clarify what bed bugs are and how they multiply. So here’s an easy guide on how to kill bed bugs Naturally (and safely too).

I bet you thought that we were going to discuss about pesticides right? Wrong. You see, bed bugs don’t need pesticides to survive because their body is resistant to pesticides. As such, pesticides applied to them will just do more harm than good. Here’s why…

Bed insects will die in a matter of days if you use a good insecticide. As such, the best way to kill them is by employing a bed bug pest control treatment method that doesn’t involve applying pesticides to them. The reason being is that insecticides can be hazardous to humans as well as to our environment. So the answer is simpler than you think.

The most efficient and effective way of how to kill bed bugs is with the use of natural means. In other words, don’t try using pesticides. Why? Well simple, bedbugs won’t be affected by pesticides even if they get into your mattress or mattresses through your pets’ hair. But how can you tell if your pet or your child got into the infested areas?

For one, you’ll see some blood stains on the mattress and the bedding areas. You may also smell something musty like moth balls or moth spray. And definitely, there will be bites and signs of disturbance by the bugs in your home. The smell can be quite strong like something that had been used for catnapping. Bites can be seen like brown spots and the bugs themselves have blood spots.

In your search for answers on how to kill them, you might also want to check your home’s interior. If your home is currently being furnished then inspect carefully your furniture especially those made from wood. Check carefully seams on the seams. These are what the bugs use as passage. If you have children in your home then inspect their room. See to it that they do not sleep on mosquito nets or used pillows that may collect dust and dirt.

How to kill them fast is to first find the source of reproduction. These bugs are commonly found in places with warm and damp conditions like motes or cracks in wood or mattresses that are already moist and cozy. But if the bugs are outside, then you need to first seal up the place to prevent them from getting inside. You can also use insecticides like pyrethroids to kill them. There are different kinds of pyrethroids so talk to a pest control expert about what’s best for you.

How to kill bed bugs can be done by many ways but one sure way of killing them off and for good would be to bomb them. You can do this by calling a pest control expert. The expert will know that bomb to use on each area of your home. These bombs are often called aerosol sprays but can also be called foggers. A folder will release thousands of tiny bugs that will surely die just after several hours.

Another way to kill them off is by using pesticides. But this method can be dangerous and might even result to more damage to you and the environment than the bugs themselves. Pesticides can be harmful too, so it is best to be cautious when using them. Talk to an expert before you do this. Remember though that pesticides can only be used for bugs that are currently within the house.

In the event that you already have these bugs in your house, then there’s still another option for you. How to kill bed bugs can still be as easy as buying some insecticides and cleaning up the mess left by the bugs. But you have to be very careful when doing this especially if you have kids in the house. It might cause them harm so it would be better if you just take them out of the house until the bug problem is completely cleared up. This way, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your family.

Most often, how to kill bed bugs is done using the pest control sprays available in the market. These insecticides are safe for you and your family. You just have to spray on the area where bugs are present. Also, it would be a good idea if you could place some nets over your beds for just like prevention. So don’t hesitate to use these methods of exterminating these bugs because they really work and it will save you from the discomfort and trouble coming from these bugs.