List of Participants

Here is the list of people, institutions, and corporations involved with the Boston Arts Marathon. This list is constantly growing and will be updated frequently.

Our gratitude goes out to our Sponsors who have made the work we do possible:

The Boston University Arts Initiative – Office of the Provost
Youth Service America
The Boston University School of Visual Arts
Strathmore Paper Company
Modern Postcard Company
The City of Boston Department of Parks and Recreation
AA Rental Center of Watertown
Taylor Rental (Cambridge)
Flowers by Maryellen (Marshfield, MA)
The Coffee Shack of Marshfield, MA
The Brant Rock Market (Marshfield, MA)

If you would like to become a sponsor please contact us at


Special thanks to these institutions for forwarding our project to their community:

Boston University
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
University of Massachusetts Boston
The Museum of Fine Arts Boston
School of The Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Bunker Hill Community College
The North River Arts Society
The 4th Floor Artists Association
The Energy Necklace Project

We greatly appreciate the contributions made by many individuals toward our cause:

Hugh O’Donnell
Lynne Allen
Jen Guillemin
Melissa Gallin
Sophia Richardson
Caitlin Cawley
Caitlin Serpico
Cassidy Early
Ana Luisa Del Rivero
Lynne Cooney
Evan Gildersleeve
Clara Wainwright
Carly Blais
Denise Marika
Meghan Dinsmore
Beth Gilmore
Laura Harvey
Chloe Dubois
Julia Powers
Susan Israel
Adria Arch
Jason Metz
Sharon Naor
Anthony Lanier
Esther Garcia Eder
Alexandra Ford
Mikaela Kelliher
The Ryan Family
Alyssa Aviles
Lorrie Berry
Christen DiBiase
Tania Papandrea
Carly Pickett
Charlotte Blake

6 thoughts on “List of Participants

  1. Dear Ones.

    Thank you for this very inclusive and expansive art project. As an artist I will most certainly get involved. As a psychotherapist and a professor at Lesley University I have some resources you might want to pursue.

    Luca, are you the Luca I met at the SMFA show who is a friend of a friend of Ivette’s?

    For now, two suggestions: you might want to contact Susan Merritt – – who coordinates/curates the shows for the Hynes Convention Center and the Convention Center on the Waterfront.

    Also, Lesley University has a fantastic program in Expressive Therapies. They may be a good resource for your project. And you might be a good resource for their students. You might want to contact Michaela Kirby, Assistant Professor, Expressive Therapies, Phone: 617-349-8682, Email: As I teach at Lesley, please feel free to use my name as the person who suggested you contact her.

    Finally, the Medicine Wheel in South Boston is a wonderful community based strong art program with young people. Michael Dowling is the founder and Director and he might be interested in talking with you. Again, feel free to use my name.

    I will be in touch re: my individual participation very soon.

    Make art, make love, make light.

    Shaari Neretin

    • Dear Shaari,

      Thank you so much for reaching out. I send an email to many professors at Lesley and AIB and have not yet heard back from anyone in that community. We would love to have you (and them) involved! Thank you so much for sharing that information and I will be sure to be in touch as soon as I can!

      Taylor Mortell

  2. This is a terrific idea to support the greater Boston community, in going forward in its healing and to make the 2014 Marathon the wonderful experience that we all have cherished over the years. My daughter is a budding artist at Winchester High School, who plans on attending art school in September, 2014. She will be attending a 6 week pre-college program at RISD this summer, with a major of painting. Will you be accepting work from such students, or do they need to be more established artists & current art college students?

    Thank you in advance for your response.

    • We are looking for work from anyone, no matter what their level of experience! We would really appreciate any kind of contribution.
      Please let us know if you have any other questions!

      Taylor Mortell

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