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Welcome to Still Running: An Art Marathon for Boston 


3/11/14:  We’re doing a pop-up community art making event with The Next 26 (www.thenext26.org) THIS SATURDAY March 15 from 1-5 in The Commonwealth Gallery located at 855 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston MA! This will be one of our last art-making events, so we’d love to see you there! RSVP here.

About the Project:

In response to the recent tragedy at the Boston Marathon, Boston University School of Visual Arts graduate Luca De Gaetano (MFA ’13) and Taylor Mortell (BFA ’16) have launched Still Running: An Art Marathon for Boston, aimed at producing works of art to celebrate the Boston community and help the city heal.

We hope to raise funds for various charitable organizations dedicated to helping everyone affected by this horrible tragedy and local organizations geared toward supporting Boston youth.  We have issued an open call for submissions of artwork made in response to the strength our community showed that day to help raise money for this purpose and put on an show for Boston, by Boston.  Through this effort, we hope to bring the greater Boston community together to heal.  To read more about how we got started and where we’re going, click here.

Our project consists of these parts:

A series of community art exhibitions of work produced by the Boston Community for this project leading up to next year’s Boston Marathon.  Original works  will be gifted to first responders, local hospitals, and police stations shortly after our run of community art shows is through.  For more information on how to make a submission and on the exhibitions themselves, click here.

Fundraising through sale of buttons, T-shirts, and other things of that nature designed by our artists, we’ve started a new fundraising initiative out of Still Running for the creation of a new endowment for Youth Activism and Community Development in the Arts in Boston.  To read about why and how, and donate to our effort, click here.

An ongoing series of free community art making events called “Art Marathons” in which participating institutions, artists, and the public will come together as a community over different weekends throughout the year to produce thoughtful works of art to be given to first responders, local hospitals, and police stations. For more information on these events and how you can get involved, click here.

If you have any questions about our project, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]

Still Running: An Art Marathon for Boston is funded in part by a grant from the Boston University Arts Initiative – Office of the Provost (www.bu.edu/arts) and Youth Service America (www.ysa.org). Thanks!

20 thoughts on “About the Project

  1. Do the submissions have to be directly related to the marathon/heroism, or can they be loosely Boston based (for example landscapes of Boston)?

    Awesome idea!

    • Hi Sara,

      Boston landscapes are great! Any way you want to interpret it.

      Thank you for your interest and support!

      Best wishes,
      Taylor Mortell

  2. this is a wonderful idea for a show! question: i woke up on 4/15 and started working on two drawings. i was in the middle of this when i got news about the bombing. these drawings are unusual in that they depict rather foreboding images that are not characteristic of my recent work at all. i have been looking at them this week and pondering where they came from. would it be okay to submit something like this? i have to admit they’re not very cheerful looking! I do have other work if not, but just wondering.Thank you for your time on this~

    • Thanks for your support! I am interested to see your drawings. If you send me some images at [email protected] I will gladly let you know if we think they’ll work in the show. Thank you for your interest all the same and we hope to have your participation!

      Best wishes,
      Taylor Mortell

    • Thank you Gail for your kind support. We had a very productive meeting last night in which we have outlined a set of long term goals and short term goals. In short, we have extended the open call for submissions for the final exhibition until next year, as our new goal is to have what we hope will be a massive exhibition in conjunction with next year’s marathon. The call for smaller prints and works of art to send to patients in exchange for donations from the general public to our list of supported organizations will be ongoing. I will be posting all of the updates in detail later today and doing my best to let everyone interested know of them promptly.

      Thank you again!

      Best, Taylor Mortell

  3. a moving and superb idea. try the 4th Wall Gallery. They might want to
    open their doors to this project.

    • Dear Harriet,

      Thank you so much for your help and support. Send us an email if you have the contact info for that space.

      Thanks and best wishes,
      Taylor Mortell

    • Dear John,

      Each piece shown in our final exhibition will have a minimum price which will be negotiated between us and the artist (all of the proceeds of donated works will be going to benefit our supported organizations). If a piece does not sell, we may ask permission to gift it to local law enforcement, a runner, an affected family, or a local hero, etc. If this permission is not granted or nobody wants the piece, we will give it back.

      Thanks for your interest and kind support!

      Best wishes,
      Taylor Mortell

    • Dear Liz,

      Sure! We would appreciate any contribution to our project!

      Thank you for your interest and support!

      Best Wishes,

  4. I tried last week to join in and it didn’t work. I am not very technical so who knows why… I would like to donate to the three families who suffered a loss, a one song musical cd that has helped some of my friends cope with a personal loss; to some of the injured, a copy of my book of poetry for a total of 11 books, and to one of the hospitals that cared for the injured, a large bamboo-framed handsawn fabric piece created for the Children of the World with love, with a message that echoes the message of the Boston Marathon. Please call me at 617.227.7428 if your time allows. Thank you. Veronique

    • Friends,
      This is a splendid project. Please ask someone to donate storage space for the marvelous items, especiallly during the rain-wind-inclement weather. The City of Boston’s archive team has already (withdrawn) items for preservation and storage, including a paperchain done by school children from France, etc.
      However, the physical location of the “temporary” memorial will soon need to be moved, and your donations should take this form. Call the Mayor’s Hotline or Old South Church for guidelines as they change. – Merci! It’s very nourishing for Boston’s heart.

  5. Thank you for doing this. I tried to join in since last week. I would like to make a musical donation to each of the families that suffered a loss, copies of my book of poetry to some of the injured victimes, and a large piece of artwork to one of the hospitals that cared for the injured. Please call me @ 617.227.7428. Thank you, Veronique

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